R & D

Razi develops innovative flour improvement systems at its own high-end laboratories.

The emphasis of our development and applications research is on baking technology, rheology, and flour and grain analysis. The most successful developments include a complete portfolio of flour improvers, bromate substitutes to suit specific countries, tailor-made enzyme systems and customized vitamin and mineral mixture*s to meet the needs of different parts of the world..

The Technology Centre: interdisciplinary applications research on the highest level.

Enzyme laboratory

Razi’s innovative solutions are devised in our laboratories Centre .The centre comprises the enzyme laboratory, the flour and rheology laboratory, the trial bakery, the vitamin and micronutrient laboratory and also some other laboratories where our experts spend their days developing new, innovative products. The modern Technology Centre is an expression of our passion for developing new ideas and optimizing each new product until it is ready for practical use. With its laboratories on an area of more than 2,00 m² the Technology Centre is unique in size and equipment for an enterprise independent of the big organizations. The group’s research and development work is conducted there on a centralized basis in order to facilitate the transfer of know-how. A cooperative, interdisciplinary approach and a broader view beyond our own specialization are part of our philosophy.

"At our enzyme laboratory we have created an infrastructure that enables us to choose suitable components from hundreds of enzymes. These we modify and put together in the form of individual solutions. We regard ourselves as enzyme designers." One of our core competences is creating enzymes and enzyme systems with precisely defined properties. Razi is a pioneer in the development of enzymes for flour improvement; without such enzymes, modern flour treatment would be unthinkable. With the enzyme systems our technologists have set international standards. Sophisticated enzyme technology has enabled us to find groundbreaking solutions for bakery products and pasta.

Flour and rheology laboratory.

“At our analytical baking laboratory we find new solutions for optimizing flour. By making a complete analysis of the flour we determine its characteristic data and rheological properties and complement these by testing its reaction to baking.” Every year, 400 million tons of wheat are processed to make bread, biscuits and pasta. But cereals are subject to major quality fluctuations. We help to make flours with consistently good baking properties, and in some cases we fortify them with vitamins and minerals. We analyze cereal products with the latest generation of technical equipment. Our specialists use the results to give customers from over 100 countries recommendations they can implement directly in their production processes.

Our research is directed towards finding a quick, individual solution to meet each customer’s requirements.

Once an individually developed product is practicable, we accompany its use by the customer with our know-how, adjust it for further specific applications and thus continually enhance our offer.

Trial bakery

“Individual convenience ingredients for baking are becoming more and more important for the efficient production of baked goods. We have a very well equipped trial bakery where we can simulate practically any bakery product in the region. It enables us to find a customized solution to meet any challenge.” Our trial bakery for bread and pastry goods is equipped with the latest machines and testing devices. The focus of our specialist product development is on simulating a wide variety of production processes from different countries. Our work is supported by rheological, chemical and biochemical analyses of the flours used and the other raw materials in the adjacent Razi laboratory.

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