Flour improvers

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On this page you will find information on:

1.Enzyme systems with monospecificity:
Amylases | Amylases for prolonged shelf-life | Hemicellulases | Oxidases | Proteases

2.Enzyme systems with multiple specificity:
Enzyme systems with multiple specificity | Bromate substitutes | ADA substitute

3.Other flour improvers:
Ascorbic acid | Flour maturing and oxidizing agents | Dough softeners

Enzyme systems with mono specificity


Active ingredientRazi product seriesDescription/effects
Fungal alpha-amylases • All desired concentrations
• Use with high falling numbers
• Boosts oven rise
• Increases baked volume, reduces firmness of the dough
Bacterial alpha-amylases• For use in long-life bakery products to achieve saccharification and enhanced browning
Beta-amylase• Breaks down starch into maltose for controlled adjustment of the falling number
• Prolongs the shelf-life
• Boosts oven rise
• Breaks down starch into glucose to achieve greater oven rise, especially with retarded fermentation or freezing
• Enhanced browning

Amylases for prolonged shelf-life

Active ingredientRazi product seriesDescription/effects
Bacterial amylasesAlphamalt Fresh• Enhances browning of baked products


Active ingredientRazi Product
• Good to extremely good extensibility of the doughs
• Firms or relaxes the dough
• Releases water / reduces viscosity
• Dries and strengthens wheat and rye doughs
• High volume yields
• Fine texture
• Improves machinability


Active ingredientRazi product seriesDescription/effects
Glucose oxidase with selected side activities• Strengthens the gluten
Glucose oxidase
(with a wider range of substrates)
• Produces firmer dough
• Increases the stability of wheat and rye doughs
Sulfhydryl oxidase• Increases fermentation stability
• Improves processing properties

Enzyme systems with multiple specificity

Active ingredientRazi product seriesDescription/effects
Amylase-hemicellulase complexes with different side activities, depending on the flour quality• Doughs with good extensibility and good stability result in better machinability
• High volume yields
• Enzyme compounds with amylases as leading enzymes and dough-drying components (specific xylanases, oxidases etc.)
Hemicellulase complexes• Enzyme compound with hemicellulases as leading enzymes; combined with different side activities, depending on the flour quality
Carboxylesterases (triacyl lipases,
phospholipases and glycol lipases)
• Enzyme complexes with specificity for triglycerides, phospholipidsand glycolipids naturally present in the flour. Standardized side activities for:
• Stabilizing the dough
• Increasing the volume yield
• Enhancing texture
• Brightening the crumb
Carboxylesterase-amylase complexes • Enzyme complexes with proteolytic leading activity and standardizedside activities
• Expansion of the gluten
• Prevention of blister formation with strong gluten
• Faster fermentation
• Enhanced flavour formation
• Greater extensibility
• Softer doughs
• Rapid and powerful liquefaction of the dough, especially with wafer batters
• Fewer broken wafers
• Homogeneous wafer batters
• Prevention of cracks in biscuits and crackers
Proteolytic enzyme complexes• Enzyme complexes
• Enhanced texture
• Longer shelf-life for wrapped goods

Bromate substitutes

Active ingredientRazi product seriesDescription/effects
Bromate substitutes based on enzymes, with or without oxidation systemsStandardized enzyme and oxidation systems for
• Long or short dough processes
• High volume yields, even with large percentages of fat and sugar

ADA substitute

Active ingredientRazi product seriesDescription/effects
Azodicarbonamide replacer based on enzymesStandardized enzyme systems for long or short dough processes

Other flour improvers

Ascorbic acid

Active ingredientRazi product
Cysteine• Shorter mixing times
Yeast and enzyme complexes • Better processing properties of the doughs
• Less resistance to extension
• Greater extensibility
• Softens the gluten

Dough softeners

Active ingredientRazi product seriesDescription/effects
Enzyme compound acting on rye pentosans • Dough structure
• Volume
Lipoprotein complex based on vital gluten• Dough stability
• Baked volume
Special lecithins and enzymes• Dough stability
• Handling
Enzyme compound based on a non-specific glucose oxidase • Increases the stability of rye and wheat doughs
• Better processing properties

• Greater water absorption
Acid and mineral complexes with a buffering effect• Improves the swelling properties of rye bread and mixed wheat and rye bread

Special applications

Rye flour

Active ingredientRazi product
Proteases, some with defined amylase side activities • Softens the gluten
• Expands the gluten
• Prevents blister formation with strong gluten
• Speeds up fermentation
• Improves extensibility
• Relaxes short gluten structures
• Increases fermentation power
• Enhances tenderness
• Prevents cracking
• Enhances colour formation
Protease• Reduces dough resistance
• Increases extensibility
• Prevents cracking
• Shortens dough resting times
• Rapid viscosity reduction
• Homogeneous doughs/batters
Protease / hemicellulase• No stiffening of the batters
• Even wafer structure
• Homogeneous hardness
• Fewer broken wafers
• Greater throughput
• Lower energy costs
• Improves return dough/batter

Biscuits, crackers, wafers (enzyme systems)

Active ingredientRazi product
Lecithin• Disperses fat
• Stabilizes the flour suspension
• Easier release from irons
• Rapid viscosity reduction
Phospholipid-enzyme compounds• Homogeneous batters
• No stiffening of the batters
• Even wafer structure
• Homogeneous hardness
• Fewer broken wafers
• Greater throughput
• Lower energy costs

Biscuits, crackers, wafers (emulsifiers and releasing agents)

Active ingredientRazi product seriesDescription/effects
Multi-enzyme compounds • Enhances the visual and sensory properties of fresh and dried pasta
Compounds of enzymes and other active substances• Firmer structure
• Less loss through cooking


Active ingredientRazi product seriesDescription/effects
Acid and mineral complexes with a buffering effect• Improves the baking properties of sprout-damaged wheat and rye flours
• Raises the falling number
• Corrects undesirable baking properties at increased enzymatic activity
• Improves the swelling properties of mixed and rye bread
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