Bread improvers

Bread improvers

Our raw materials for baking are a result of the experience our technologists and expert bakers have gathered over the course of decades. For further information please contact our consultants.

Acidity regulators

Active ingredientRazi product seriesDescription/effects
Acid and mineral complexes with a buffering effect• Improves the baking properties of sprout-damaged wheat and rye flours
• Raises the falling number
• Corrects undesirable baking properties at increased enzymatic activity
• Improves the swelling properties of mixed and rye bread

Malt flours and malt extracts

Active ingredientRazi product series

Malt flours, enzyme-active• Boosts oven rise
• Better browning and more flavour
• Prolongs the shelf-life
Malt flours, enzyme-inactive• Controls the colour of crumb and crust
• Malty flavour
Malt extracts, enzyme-inactive• Better browning and more flavour
• Crisper crust

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